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Thursday, Dec. 19, 2016

A necktie can make or break a man's fashion intentions. It is an unnecessary blunder that should be avoided at all cost. Granted it is not nearly as severe as an oversized suit, nonetheless, don't take your neck wear for granted. There are several ways to construct a necktie, however, what you are accustom to seeing, is only two, Windsor and Half Windsor knots.  Todays fashion cents encourages the man who dares to dress above standard, to take a moment and consider the details as he dresses himself.  Leave no stone unturned, be meticulous, knowing that you may have to make a first impression upon someone.  Your necktie is like a center piece on a dining room table, it doesn't have to be loud to be seen, the beauty lies in its structure. Too tight, and I look greedy, too loose, and i appear needy! To tie it correctly you may take several attempts. Its important to give yourself enough time for mistakes when you are getting dressed. I have included a clip on the correct way to assemble a necktie, please take note.  You may be one of the persons that have been doing it incorrectly.

Hygiene My-giene

Tuesday, Dec 24, 2018

Cuistom clothing, or any clothing should not take precedence over good hygiene. Bathing frequently, along with choosing the correct type of deodorant can take you a long way.  I can't tell you how often Ive noticed men, and surprisingly women who are just a little tart to the smell. If someone pulls your coat about your body oder, don't be offended or embarrassed, it may just be that you have chosen the wrong deodorant.  I remember not long ago I changed deodorants, and it was a disaster, primarily because I didn't know that my PH wasn't balancing.